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How to match school uniforms with sneakers

Lately, I've found more sneakers and tennis shoes around town as part of the daily school uniform. Of course, sneakers have always been vital for activities like going to the gym or roaming the city where you're on vacation because you're afraid to take a taxi or take public transportation. But recently, they've come back as part of a more dressed-up ensemble, similar to the Keds in poodle skirts from the 1950s.

At first, I didn't know anything about this trend as it started with the return of platform sneakers. This is surprising since the platform sneaker is widely seen as one of the darkest developments in footwear history. I remember finding a $1,500 pair of jewelry at Bloomingdale's last year and clamoring to burn the sage.

Years passed and I was sitting in a brunch restaurant judging people's shoes while waiting for a table. A high school or college girl wearing skinny jeans and high-top, retro Nikes, I immediately wanted them. The rest of her clothes are very chic. Jeans are paired with a blazer, camisole and simple jewelry.

That was the moment I started to believe in the return of sneakers and tennis shoes. Since then, I've been noticing them successfully pairing with casual school uniforms and even wearing them in the workplace. Here are some types of tennis shoes to look for and how to put them together into a whole.


You've probably been shopping for Toms for a while, but now the category has expanded to include vintage items like Vans - in modern colors and patterns, of course.

If you're actually going to be pairing sneakers with a skirt or dress, this is the best option. Slip-on espadrilles look great with casual and casual outfits, such as a pencil skirt paired with a patent leather skinny belt and a simple pocket tee. If you are short, I would apron the hem above the knee. Since sneakers are completely flat, they're usually not the most flattering shoe you can choose, so you might appreciate a little more legs.

Another chic way to wear loafers is with casual attire, such as a shirtdress. I like a slim chambray dress with a skirt above the knee, or a tennis-style dress with a pleated skirt. You're pairing casual fabrics and styles with the more formal aspects of wearing your gown, so it's the perfect combination.

sports shoes

I'm known for buying a pair or five of sneakers in "impractical" colors, and I'm happy to be able to wear the shoes I fell in love with college in a professional setting.

My favorite look for the Converse is the leggings and blazer. Surprisingly, cropped pants are the most effective at shaping, and they also show off shoes. Try a monochromatic look with a touch of color from the shoe. You can also invest in a white top for summer with a striped tee and chino shorts.

One thing to note is that in order to get a proper casual look, your shoes must be in good condition. Converses, in particular, get better and more comfortable with age, but if they actually fall apart, your look will fail.

Classic Cades

We all remember Keds' childhood days, but now with new colors and patterns, Taylor Swift is the brand's new face, and simple sneakers are back in vogue. To make it easier to pair with more formal school uniforms, I try to avoid cumbersome touches like ribbon laces and eyelets.

The best options are simple patterns like stripes or polka dots (Kate Spade has even collaborated on a few pairs of polka-dot sneakers) or classic neutrals or brights. Pure white should still be part of your arsenal as long as they are clean.

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