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How to match girls' school uniforms more fashionably

Many schools have uniforms that students must wear, but there are ways to personalize your uniform to suit your style and taste. However, some schools have stricter dress codes than others, so you may be limited to hairstyles, accessories, and choice of shoes or socks. However, if the school's dress code is a little looser, you might be able to add other accessories, dress in several ways, add color to the look, or layer to make your uniform more stylish.

Looking good in girls school uniform

Learn about your school's dress code. Each school is unique and has its own uniform style and dress code, and knowing the school's dress code can help you decorate, customize and change your uniform to feel more comfortable in your school uniform. The dress code will also tell you what you can and cannot wear, and may cover the following topics:

how long a skirt, shorts or dress must be

What kind of jewelry, makeup and accessories (if any) are acceptable

what colors are allowed

what type of shoes you can wear

Check out your unity options. Most middle school uniforms come in a variety of options, including shorts for dresses, skirts, trousers, and shorts, which are often paired with long-sleeved or short-sleeved dress shirts. However, if you're lucky, the optional school uniform might also include a blazer, vest or sweater, each of which can be worn in a unique way.

These different outfits can be worn in different combinations to suit the weather and your own personal style, and the look of each can be altered in different ways to make it look cooler.

Choose the right clothes.

It's not very flattering to wear clothes that are too big or too tight, so it's important to choose clothes that fit your body shape. However, if for any reason your uniform is not the correct size, you can:

Tuck into shirt to make it less loose and tie a belt around the waist

Make your school uniform more stylish

Knot the bottom of the shirt for a better fit

Change the size of clothes to make them bigger or smaller

Decorate things on your shirt.

Whether you have to wear a polo shirt, top, or button-down shirt, your school's dress code may allow you to wear other clothing on top, which can give you the opportunity to add some style to your outfit. For example, you can:

Wear a fitted or oversized knitted sweater over your shirt

Wear a stylish cardigan or tank top

Wear a suitable blazer or jacket

Roll up the hem and cuffs.

Roll the cuffs over the long-sleeved shirt so that it is at elbow level, then roll the cuffs over the short-sleeved shirt to make it more of a cap sleeve style. You can also roll up the hem on shorts and pants.

If your school has time limits on shorts, don't roll them too high.

Change into a similar school uniform. For schools that are more lenient with a custom uniform policy, you can get away with replacing the drab uniform with something very similar but more flattering.

For example, if your school uniform requires you to wear baggy pants or dress pants, you might be able to choose regular pants in a more appropriate color or cut differently. [7]

Wear a belt or belt. If you have to tuck your shirt into high-waisted pants, a trendy accessory like this can be helpful. Even if you can't get rid of your crazy belt, try adding some fun with a regular belt with a unique buckle.

If you're wearing a skirt with a blouse tucked inside, try tying a belt or ribbon around the waist of the skirt.

You can also unbutton the skirt from the blouse and place it over the skirt with a chunky belt around the waist.

Wear different scarves. For schools that don't allow uniform changes, personalization and addition of other clothing items, you can at least put some accessories here and there.

Scarves are great accessories to add both appearance and warmth, and you can even add some color to your clothes this way.

Find a unique bag. Many school dress codes don't mention what kind of bag you can carry, so you may have more room to be creative here. Unique ideas for school bags include: satchels and crossbody bags

Regular bag with patches, pins and badges

Add accessories.

How much jewelry you can wear depends on your school, but if you allow it, jewelry can be a great way to jazz up your school uniform.

Try wearing multiple bracelets on one wrist

You can also layer multiple rings on a single finger

A basic chain can add a touch of taste, but a colorful necklace can completely change your look

If you don't allow jewelry at all, try wrapping a headband or elastic around your wrist.

Try some trendy shoes.

Shoes can be a great way to add personality to a school uniform customization without breaking any dress codes. However, if your school does have a strict policy on shoes, try shiny black shoes with a light heel or slightly decorative features. But if you have more freedom, why not try:

High-top socks or low-top Converse shoes

funny lace boots

Flats or ballet shoes

fashion dress shoes

Bright or unique running shoes

Find some neat socks or leggings.

Even if you can't get rid of the fun shoes, you can still experiment with different socks, leggings, and tights. These can include patterned socks, knee socks, loose socks, mesh tights, fishnets, and other decorative leggings.

Try out different hairstyles.

There are many trendy hairstyles that will bring a whole new element to your school uniform, and as long as you don't try any crazy dye colors, you'll be amazed at the hairstyles you can get away with.

If you have long hair, try a side braid, bun or twist on top of your head.

To add color or interest to your hair, you can also wear bright headbands, flowers, ribbons and bows.

For girls with medium wavy hair, you can either fluff it up with a messy headboard or brush it back for a more professional look.

Make up if desired.

Many schools have policies on makeup, but that doesn't mean you can't sneak makeup here and there. For example, try wearing:

tinted lip gloss

blush blush

foundation complexion

Some bronzer or neutral eyeshadow appears in the eye crease

Faint or metallic eyeshadow in the corners of the eyes

nail polish

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