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How to identify high-quality school uniform fabrics?

How to identify high-quality school uniform fabrics?

A prepared school uniform must have a good sense of hierarchy, which is different from ordinary school uniforms. It feels completely different. So, when ordering school uniforms today, how do school uniform manufacturers identify high-quality school uniform fabrics?

1. Most of the pure woolen fabrics are light and thin, of course, mild and shiny, soft and smooth to the touch. Even if you squeeze it loose, it will immediately return to its original shape, with no visible pull at all. It is really the first-class fabric in school uniforms, mostly used for summer clothes.

2. Pure wool woolen fabrics are made of wool. Most of the products are made of strong material. Although there is no pure wool fabric, the hair is soft and smooth, but it is invincible in that the color is relatively mild, the texture is clear, and it is quite malleable and soft to the touch. It is also a student The high-quality fabrics of school uniforms are mostly used to improve Chinese clothing in winter.

3. The wool-polyester blended wool-polyester fabric is a relatively common school uniform fabric. The fabric is straight, and its ductility is obviously better than that of pure wool fabric. After gripping the fabric, it loosens and basically has no wrinkles. What is not perfect for school uniform manufacturers is that there is no hair and graceful like pure wool fabric, and there are certain deficiencies in touch. .

4. Wool and viscose fiber blended fabrics are more common, the gloss is darker, and the ductility and stiffness are not as good as pure wool, wool, polyester and wool. However, the school uniform manufacturers in Henan Province are good at high quality and low price, and they can be worn comfortably.

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