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Britain was the first country in the world to have school uniforms

Britain was the first country in the world to have school uniforms

The English school uniform is over 500 years old, having appeared under Henry VIII (1509), and was initially a uniform colour of blue. The English believed that this colour would teach their children to behave modestly from an early age.

In 1864, on a whim, Queen Victoria wore the navy uniform on young princes and princesses, and the nobility followed suit, and the navy uniform became the official uniform of the English aristocratic schools, which is the reason for the aristocratic air flowing through the English school uniform. The sailor's uniform also became the representative dress of children.


▲ The seersucker is arguably the originator of the school uniform. (Pictured is a young Edward VII)

The British mode of dressing has always been admired the world over.

The reason for this is the decency of upbringing.

The British school uniform has been used for many years in the style of the royal uniform, maintaining a tradition of understatement and aristocracy, and is regarded as the most orthodox of school uniforms. Whether it is the shape, the quality, or the school crest and cap, they all show the distinctive British temperament and style.

The British school uniform is classic and simple. The boys wear a formal suit, formal shoes and a tie, while the girls wear a formal suit and skirt, women's shoes and a cravat. The various details reflect the British spirit of self-control and reticence in speech and action.


The UK led the global school uniform trend half a century ago, and

It has become a symbol of school uniform and a culture.

It has become an icon of British fashion and

It has influenced the development of school uniform culture around the world.

If you look at the origins of school uniforms, many countries around the world have some connection with the British school uniform. The British school uniform has been adopted by many countries.


The British school uniform is a classic.

It has subtly influenced the ethos and aesthetic of British students.

Although school uniforms are being copied around the world, the social stratification and status symbolism of school uniforms is only retained in the UK. The style and texture of British students' uniforms, as well as their design philosophy, fully reflect the changes in British history, politics and customs.

As a form of school culture, the student's cap and gown has become a sign and symbol of identity and status, and is an important part of the overall image of a school. In the traditional British student uniform, the badge and tie are essential and important elements. There are two sizes of badge, one located on the breast pocket of the jacket and the other smaller size used in the centre of the cap.


  ▲ The famous straw hat of Harrow Public School has been worn for over 400 years.

                 ▲ The favourite fashion of Britain's little ones isn't hipster, it's school uniform.

The classic formula of the student look has remained the same for centuries, even if the wind of fashion is blowing at will.

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